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Fit 2 Me

This is me in my usual "slightly comfortable" position. The pain dictates my every moment in life.

Fit 2 Me by cjd-sign
Fit 2 Me

Just for Inspiration!
I've started a new life program called Fit 2 Me.
http://fit2me.com  It is a diabetic healthy eating, physically moving & meds/sugars tracking site that is helping me control my diabetes with out having to use medications. I am in my 6th week and feel really good.
By the way, the Food is fantastic and the delicious recipes are flexible.
It is free to join up, and really anyone can use it, you don't have to have Diabetes. My hubby and family use it since I am on the eating life program.

You can find it here Http://fit2me.com
And Have a Wonderful weekend.
I'f you decide to join fit2me, I am in Maria's team and here is a link to her team http://www.fit2me.com/managing-type-2-diabetes.html

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