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Easter Cat And Mouse Game

Have you ever had days like this? Days where your animals run your schedule?
Well, in our home, this seems to be the norm. If not the cat taking over, it is the dog taking over.

Our Siamese Cat loves the cordless mouse; he even likes to walk across the cordless keyboard!

And as you can see, he takes my spot whenever I leave it.
And to add insult to injury (LOL), he won't budge an inch to give up his "newly acquired position". I do admit that I don't really mind it in the winter time. He keeps my spot nice and warm.

He sleeps with Dad most of the night and will only cuddle with me when he is feeling neglected by Dad. He likes to get up in Dad's face and lay all over Dad when he sleeps. I think it is funny. But then I have this other furry four legged child who loves to take the whole queen bed by himself. He often lands on the keyboard or clicks the mouse and sends my screens to outer web space!

 Hi I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Keep your loved ones close to you and ever in your hearts!

So from all of us to YOU! Happy Easter Everyone!Happy Easter Everyone!

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