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Ebook Cover Evolution: My Slice of Heaven Novel by LC Cooper

Original cover by artist
My first attempt at the cover art.
My second attempt w/more color.
My Slice of Heaven Novel by LC Cooper

My Slice of Heaven Novel by LC Cooper by cjd-sign on Polyvore

 #3 Book Cover Update, My final cover proposal. It has been such an honor to work one on one with LC Cooper for this Ebook cover.  The first artists rendition is a bit confusing and I chose the subject to reflect a brief part of the story to bring the reader in. I hope this works! I love it! 
And I love LC! You're the Best!!

My Slice of Heaven Novel by LC Cooper

Wow what a heart tugging story! I just finished My Slice of Heaven by LC Cooper and was blown away!
Amazing "Life" story about a young girls coming of age. Left me compassionate towards the entire mixed family. Kept me up late wanting to know more. Riveting, heart wrenching, loving,emotional, earnestly engaging.
A MUST Read Novel. click the link for more info.
by CJD.Sign

In addition to the book found here, check out: http://lccooperauthor.weebly.com/

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