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Winter Warmth

Winter Warmth

The beautiful CJD.Sign Jewelry for YemmyMade Accessories!!
Here are two natural gemstone necklaces.
Link: http://www.yemmymade.com/cjdsign-necklaces.html

Link to featured items:   http://www.yemmymade.com/store/p134/Domino_Floral_Pendant_in_Coral_%26_Forest_Jasper_Necklace.html
 Original Designs of CJD.Sign (ME!!)
Here  is  one of my very favorites. This necklace is made of a Domino Pendant that has been stained, varnished, and sealed for ease in wearing. The designs are different for each necklace and the dominoes are real and hand drilled.

 This necklace features chip Coral and Jasper rectangle beads that pop the decoupage design on the back side of the domino.

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