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Don't Sweat The Small Stuff... Book Review

I re-found this wonderful book in a box of books I had put away. This book is a great way to learn how to reduce the stress in your life. I am not a therapist, nor would I ever claim to be, but this is a must have book for anyone who gets anxious, stressed out, has anxiety/attacks, wakes in the night and stays awake thinking of  all the things you need to do/running in your head.
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My favorite is #4 on page 13. Dr. Carlson speaks on the topic of 'Snowball Effect of Your Thinking'.
He really speaks to me on this subject and makes the suggestion to keep paper and pen beside the bed to write down things that pop into your head. Writing them down gets them off your mind and gives you the ability to rest and go back to sleep.  GREAT TIP!
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Another of my most enjoyed topics is #62 on page 151. Dr. Carlson speaks on the topic 'Do One Thing at a Time'. A biggie for most of us in this century with all the tech abilities to get things done faster. And here I am, blogging, stretching, listening to music and reading! LOL OK, so I have not got this one down in my 50 years! :)  Dr. Carlson suggests "an interesting exercise is to block out periods of time where you commit to doing only one thing at a time".  I'll work harder on this one!!

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And my favorite when I am upset/angry is #63 on page 153. I have used this since I was a child and it has helped me keep calmer. If you know me, you know I really don't like to get mad/angry/upset. So, I count to 10. Dr. Carlson relates a story of his younger life with his father counting out loud to 10. He suggests to "...take a long, deep inhalation, and as you do, say the number one to yourself. Then, relax your entire body as you breathe out." Doing this to 10, Dr. Carlson says, "What you are doing here is clearing your mind with a mini version of a meditation exercise."  Breathing and counting is a Great Idea. Pass it along. Teach it to your children! But on the subject of spouse, do be gentle in dropping this great idea!
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