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A Poem For Maci Rae by Grammy

A Poem For Maci Rae by Grammy by cjd-sign

 Red Shoes with Bows by CJD.Sign

Maci has her suitcase and traveling clothes.

 She's traveling today on the train to Montrose.

She has her red Wellies, in case of the rains.

She's checked her 'to do list'.

She's paid for her trains.

 She's checked her bag for all her red clothes...

 Red Rain Coat,

 Red Dress,

 Red Bag,

 Red Camera,

 Red Gloves,

 Red Hat,

and Her Book with Red Rose.

But where, oh where, oh where are those Red Shoes with Bows?

 "I am running late", she said with a sigh.

"But oh my Red Bow Shoes!", she started to cry.

 "It's time for the train

and it has started to rain.

No, No, No,

 the Rain is water

and water is Blue; don't you know?"

She has thirteen red pairs of shoes.

No yellow shoes, no green shoes, and even no blues.

But what should she do without her red bow shoes?

Can you help her find her red bow shoes?

Red Shoes With Bows by CJD.Sign 2013
@carrielavelle @mattdunkle

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